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Business Support:

大赢家彩票登入,大赢家彩票开户 There is a services team integrating operating experience, service sincerity,  high spirit of entrepreneur, who is adhering to the service tenet of "customer first, win-win cooperation" and creating value for every customer with all sincerity!

Design Support:

大赢家彩票登入,大赢家彩票开户 Sticking to the development ideas of "design is leader" , it has been regarded as its professional research institute with Class-A building decoration design and Grade-A architectural curtain wall design . As one of the subordinate department, design and research institute has five research centers, which embodies dozens of excellent young and middle-aged designers and the design team with hundreds of members, to provide you with design services support at any time!

Engineering Support:

Rated as "excellent construction enterprise in Chinese building decoration during thirty years”, WeiYe decoration owns a professional construction team integrating skills, sense of responsibility, a clear division of responsibilities, which can provide every customer with the three aspects of the support services:
First, services of product plan in production support
(1). Deepen drawings to provide best solution of project;
(2). Strengthen support of technical team to solve the various problems in the process of project.
Second, services of project on-site guidance
(1). Offer on-site installation guide of engineering and technical personnel, to insure the project progress and construction quality.
(2). Offer correct and sufficient technical service and training in   installation, performance examination and acceptance of sheet metal.
Third, service of interview of engineering quality
(1). Pay a return visit regularly to understand the late situation of board using;
(2). Discover and help solve various problems timely that encountered in using.

Materials Support:

大赢家彩票登入,大赢家彩票开户 WeiYe decoration has set up a supply platform of srategic purchasing material since 2012, formed a strategic supplier and price information database, established strategic cooperative relations with Dongpeng Ceramic, GlobalStone, Solid Lang Hardware, Kohler, Philips Lighting, Mitsuo. Aurora,Bo Luo Plaster, Xinwang wallpaper, and other well-known brand suppliers. The platform played an important role in finding the source, inquiring and comparing, bidding, sample, rapid provisioning, honesty construction, capital security, quality assurance. At the same time, the company also established related processing base in Gongguan, Baoan, Huizhou, Yunfu has and other processing base of wood, stone, metal doors and Windows, furniture, to provide very one of our partners and customers with the most comprehensive and meticulous service!